Necessary gem lists

You are an experienced Ruby developer then you know most of the gems I have listed here.  But there are some gems which are awesome for scaling your Rails application in a better way – necessary to be an rails project leader.

Lets take a look at some of them…..

  • hoptoad_notifier             # Exception notification
  • jammit                       # Asset bundler
  • bullet                       # Find n+1 eager loading issues in development
  • yajl-ruby               # Faster JSON parsing, utilized in Rails 2.3.6+ if available
  • paperclip                   # Image attachments (Note anything after v2.3.1 requires Ruby 1.8.7+)
  • mysql2                       # Woot! Much faster replacement for aging mysql adapter
  • resque                       # Redis-based background worker queue
  • resque_mailer                # Email sending from resque
  • delayed_paperclip            # Paperclip processing in the background

# Interface with the sphinx search daemon

  • thinking-sphinx
  • ts-resque-delta
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